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EJ8, D16Y8 — Civic EX, VTEC, SIR, ISR


So you are the owner D16Y8 engine on your Honda Civic 6 generation. This is one of the most famous and coolest engines in line D16 Honda, with 2-stage VTEC system and a power 127 hp. Most likely you have a sedan or coupe. In one case, grade called Civic 1.6 ISR, another 1.6 ISR VTEC or 1.6 SIR. Depending on the body, and the year of production, the filling was different. Sure, I will tell you everything.

Honda Civic Coupe 1.6 EX VTEC in B95P color

Honda Civic Coupe 1.6 EX VTEC in B95P color

D16Y8 Honda Civic Specs

Before you start, you should know that D16Y8 cylinder head is the same as the D16Y5, so as D15Z6. Yes, you understood correctly, the very same cylinder head. The difference in the camshaft and rockers.

  • Intake Manifold — big horizontal
  • Exhaust Mainfold — 4-2-1
  • Engine Distributor — TD-73U, TD-98U, TD-80U
  • Fuel Injector — 235cc
  • Fuel Injector 1.6 VTI — 235cc like Accord 2.3
  • Pistons D16Y8 — P2P-000
  • Effective Compression Ratio — 9.60
  • Camshaft all version D16Y8 — P2P-A00
  • ECU Code P2P, with -g12, -g01, -b11 and other

127 horsepower at D16Y8 is nice, but not enough. I hope you have read my articles on the D16Y5 and D16Y7, I do not want to repeat what you can do. Of course I would increase the compression ratio, the cylinder head is not necessary to mill. It has a very good shape. Start with thermal insulation, increase the compression ratio, do Porting channels.
The most important thing is setting up, 127 hp, it is only the start for D16y8 Honda Civic 1.6. You can find such AFR Piggyback NEO VAFC and adjust the mixture on it, do not forget that you need a broadband lambda probe.
Install the intake manifold such as SKUNK2 Gives power only to the upper revs. Difference at 7200 rpm 5 hp. So I would not change a big receiver D16Y8.

Skunk2 IM vs D16Z6 IM on D16Z6 Engine, Like D16Y8 VTEC

Skunk2 IM vs D16Z6 IM on D16Z6 Engine, Like D16Y8 VTEC

want more power?

The engine block is easy to keep the pressure 0.7 bar. But before supercharged, you need to do engine overhaul, otherwise you will not get the desired result. When the engine is going to be okay, you can install a turbo. Swap Injector to 550CC. A decent t3/t4 turbo. .48 exhaust with a .60ar compressor housing and a 54-57 trim wheel. and maybe you get 400 WHP. Or install 65 shots NOS.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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