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in SFI Honda Civic: What is it?

SFI — Simplified Fuel Injection, it also Simplified Fuel Injection, aka pairwise-parallel programmable injection. SFI system installed in Honda engines D14A3, D14A4, D14Z1, D14Z2, D13B engines and even D16Y4. That is basically for cars with 75 and 90 strength. \nThe working principle of SFI — the fuel is supplied in pairs 1 and 4 respectively or 2 and 3 injector nozzles. Also, these injectors connected to the common power contacts, this can be seen on the wiring diagram in the article about changing the injection system.\nOne injector opens directly in front of the intake cycle and the exhaust stroke. To control unit ECU also only 2 the signal contact and INJ14 INJ23 responsible for the operation of the injectors. Air is supplied symmetrically, equally in pairs due to the vertical intake. ECU designated generally as P3X and P3Y, respectively.\nThis system is configured to operate the injector with a volume of 190 blocks, and a special allocator, D4T94-04 Hitachi. The switch has 7 pins located along the axis of the connector, and 2 feet mount, the place of planting is suitable to the engine D15B7. The system is not designed to work with VTEC in General and the distributor in particular. Have been fitted CPU NEC 78KII UPD78214CW.


Engines with SFI

everything is simple if your engine is in this list, it is SFI And tuning is not quite perfect. But it is possible to find need a brain SFI.

  • D14A3 — P3X
  • the
  • D14A4 — P3Y
  • the
  • D15Z5 — P2C
  • the
  • D15Z4 — P2C
  • the
  • ZC JDM — p76
  • the
  • D16Y4
  • the
  • D16A
  • the
  • D15B non vtec

P3X-P3Y differences

What is the difference P3X and P3Y? usually say that P3X from cars 75 1.4 i and 1.4 P3Y 90 Is. When people start to \"improve\" your CIVIC then I think that ECU brain need not apply to change. I hasten to assure you that the brains are the same. Its just a revision of the development.\nBrain P3Y with the same catalogue number were set as 75 and 90 HP cars. Dont waste money on a tuning speculators, if still you need P3Y can buy ECU me.

brain D14A4, D14A3.View of the control unit ECU and P3Y P3Y without cover

Brain ECU P3X and P3Y without cover, engine D14A4 and D14A3.

Connectors SFI P3X and P3Y in D14A4 and D14A3

View of the connectors of the ECU P3X and P3Y.

D4T94-04 dispenser SFI D14A3 D14A4 D14Z1 D14Z2

D4T94-04 dispenser SFI D14A3 D14A4 D14Z1 D14Z2.

the Legs of the fastening rail SFI D4T94-04

The legs of the fastening rail SFI D4T94-04



the name of the paragraph so that I will tell you about ECU SFI with automatic transmission S4PA engines D14A4 and D14A3.\nThis type of control unit ECU (PCM) is two connectors and one additional connector out of the block of green color.\nNext to the block, the other a green rubber casing, there are 2 and 3 pin service connectors for self-diagnosis. None of the blocks SFI does not contain the connectors for the VTEC system. Basically, the SFI system was on the Honda Civic, designed for a more economical drive and so aggressive on the car ride.

Connectors of the brain P3X P3Y AT S4PA

SFI D14A4 ECU connector AT the Automatic transmission S4PA.


Dispenser D4T94-04

\nThe SFI system has several sensors. In dispenser D14A4 and D14A3, 7 pin plug. But it lacks such sensors, as the position of the upper point of the camshaft.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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