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As you know the hatchback and Honda Civic, too, there is a problem with the back. Im not talking about rotten arches, Im talking about moisture in the trunk, this dampness ruining the car. If you still did the sealing of the headlights, its time to tackle the trunk floor. Or rather a cardboard plate (hardboard) on the spare tire. Personally, I have she was crude, in the oil stains, but in the end all moldy.
After watching directory of Honda, I found out the price of a cardboard floor in the trunk (84521-S03-J00 OEM Part), about $ 100. After I started to act out of practical purposes.

Dampness, humidity, spilling liquid and the time does its work in the trunk

the Dampness, humidity, spilling liquid and the time does its work in the trunk


Strengthen the boot floor

Fuck Honda price, I dont say this often but Im not wasting 100 dollars on cardboard which even in its new appearance doesnt inspire confidence. It was decided to go to the hardware store and buy a plywood sheet with a thickness of 5-6mm, sandpaper large and small grain, the varnish, paralon or noise (I had)

made a New boot floor with their hands

made a New boot floor with your hands

In General, a plywood sheet, I lifted the loop of rotten cardboard, jigsaws cut next floor. Next, a rasp, and large sandpaper smoothed out the edges and went through fine emery paper for the final appearance. To prevent cracks, and liquid penetration into the plywood struck several layers of lacquer.
To ensure that the plywood didnt knock in the trunk you can use the old dampers from the cardboard floor, or glue the contour of any noise - vibration-absorbing material.



For 15-20 Dollars you get smooth and durable floor in the trunk, for the same price you can look for a ready solution. There are guys who do it from time to time. With such a solid, smooth flooring you can easily install such as the music equipment on the floor.

Installed new floor from plywood Honda Civic hatchback

Set a new floor from plywood Honda Civic hatchback

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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