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Engines D-Series Honda Civic, have a lot of osobennostei features. For example the fact that the blocks D13 D14 D15 are equal (except JDM D15B VTEC 3st), so most pistons are interchangeable. Obuslovleno is the piston diameter, 75 mm Bore. There are of course engines where the piston have excellent values of 73.7 diameter, 74mm (with the piston 84.5 mm), but the engines of the late 80s. \ntherefore, you will find vryatli them. In this article I will try to show the difference of the pistons for the D15, D16 and D14, their basic parameters. If you know parameres other pistons, please amend.


Description value table Honda pistons

Table I present in English, Russian description of the terms of the quote below.
the Total Height — the total height of the piston, the distance from the highest point of the piston to the bottom edge of the piston.
the Compression Height — the distance from the bottom of the piston (edge or hump) to the axis of the gudgeon pin.
the Dome — the piston Protrusion, or hump, if the piston has a positive value, the ledge, the piston is called the \"humpback\".
a Dish — the Bottom of the piston or the dish, if the piston has a negative value, the cavity, this bottom is called \"saucer\".
the Volume CC — the Volume of cubes.
If the table is found the value is -10, then the value of the degree of compression decreases, while a positive value the degree of compression increases.

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Piston Specs for Honda Civic D14 D15 D16 series (75mm bore), by EJ9.RU

 Total Height(mm)Compression Height (mm)Dish / Dome(mm)Volume CC
P07-01057.6527.75Dish -7.05 -16.2
P08-10 27.4Dish-4.5
P28-A0160.0030.00Dish -3.00-10.10
P2958.829Dome 3.307.2
P2C~48.75~27.5Dish ~ -7.7 cc
P2E-00050.0030.00Dish -3.32-7.4
P2M-0049.2629.5Dish -2.70-7.3 (est)
P2P49.2529.5Dish -2.12-6.2
PDN-A0049.2829.50Dome 2.504.63
PG66030Dome 0.8891.5
PLM-A0046.5027.00Dish -2.62 
PLR-A0046.5027.00Dish -2.66 
PM361.7630.70Dish -, Flat Top -1.5
PM758.829Dome 3.307.2
PMS-A0047.4227.00Dome 1.504
PRL-A0 27.0Dish-6.2
Vitara 30Dish-12
Vitara 28.3Dish-15
G16KV55.328.5Dish --4.1 


here is also some pistons for D series Honda Civic in 75mm Bore from manufacturer Teikin. Any differences with the original, but usually the error is not large.

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Piston Specs for Honda Civic D-series Teikin, by EJ9.RU

 Total Height(mm)Compression Height (mm)Dish / Dome(mm)Volume CC
P0260.930.9Dish -4.3
P0757.827.8Dish -7.2
P29-00063.0303 Dome
P28-A016030.1Dish -3.5
P2E5030Dish -3.5
P2P49.429.3Dish -2.2
PLM-A0046.627Dish -3
PLR-A0046.626.9Dish -2.65
PM3-K0061.830.81 Dome
PM6-00059.629.5Dish -1
PM763.0303 Dome


Alternative piston Honda

As you know the stock values of the piston diameter is 75mm, followed by fixation a size of 0.25 to 0.50. ie the maximum value recommended by the manufacturer 75.5. The producers of \"the sleeves\" type of Darton. Recommend a maximum value of 78 for cylinders series D. its All about the thickness. Center-to-center distance between the pistons 85mm (84). Nastenko ie cylinder remains in the effluent 9mm or 4.5 mm on a single wall. If you counterbore the piston 80, the wall will already be 2.5 mm, which is not a safe action, even with the block Guarda. The result, to use the pistons from 75 to 78mm from cars 16 valves (4 valves per piston). Dont forget that the piston pin is equal to 19mm. Below you can see some of the piston I could find in other cars, I chose only those that have a groove under the valves.\n

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Alternative Piston Specs for Honda Civic D14 D15 D16 series (75mm bore 78), by EJ9.RU

D size mmBrand modelTotal hightCompression heightVolume ccInfoTeikin ctg
76.5(GM) Daewoo Cielo 1.551.928.3+0.6Pin 18, 9618216349103
76.5(GM) Daewoo Nubira-II51.328.3-2.0Pin 18, 9618281449105
78KIA B6D63.031.3+0.6Pin 19.98, K2Y0-11-SA052103
75.3Mazda Z551.828.1-6.3Pin 19.98, Z5Y0-11-SA042173
78Mazda B6-T63.632.3-5.719.99 B6Z0 Pin-11-SA042662
78Mazda B6ZE62.531.9-2.519.99 B6Z7 Pin-11-SA042668
78Mazda 3 Z6 1.648.329.8-1.9Pin 18.98 Z6Y1-11-SAO42211
75Suzuki Sidekick G16KV55.328.5-4.1Pin 19.045124
75Suzuki Swift G1655.428.4-6.3Pin 19.045601 (45130)
75,5Suzuki Swift G1655.428.4-6.3Pin 19.045601 (45130)

AfterMarket Piston in the engine of a Honda Civic D14

AfterMarket Piston in the engine of a Honda Civic D14

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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