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Download manual Apexi Vafc 1\Download guide V-AFC APEXI [PDF]
Download manual Apexi Safc 1\Download manual S-AFC APEXI [PDF]

\n\n\nThis product is one of the simplest ways the settings of the fuel air mixture engines Honda Civic, of course if you know how to approach the issue of setting and before it to read the correct literature and practice. Apexi Vafc is one of the most popular fuel controllers, its installation takes only 10-15 minutes, and configuration can be done in a couple of hours. Of course before setting up you will need a functioning car, perhaps a quart of motor oil, petrol and other who either can drive, or learn at least the basics of setting. After all, when you are very lean you can get detonation at high rpm and lose everything. I am considering setting purely on the track, because if you decide to configure everything yourself then youre unlikely to get on a dyno to a good Adjuster. Ideal if you also had a wideband oxygen sensor as for \"gut feelings\" to set the engine is not a good idea.

APEXI VAFC mount and extension cable

APEXI VAFC mount and extension cable


How does the APEXI VAFC

the Controller has 11 wires, permanent memory (settings are not reset), inside you can find \"real\" VTEC transistor SK5151. The controller reads the tachometer configuration (IGR), throttle position (TPS) and data of air pressure in the intake manifold (MAP). There is also a valve control VTEC, and reading the indications of the oil pressure system VTEC (VTPS, VTM). And VTEC and MAP the data passes through the controller, this means that data from the MAP sensor can be slightly modified and submitted for brain ECU change. Momentum filed with the ECU for VTEC solenoid, passing through the VAFC is extinguished, he VAFC can include a valve.
VAFC not connected to the fuel injectors, correction is achieved at the expense of the AFR correction MAP (air) data. Assume 2000 rpm is reached the pressure in 75кПа (~750 mbar, mm Hg 562. calendar), as seen from the bottom of the table AFR=14.0. If the increase correction of the air at 6-7% then the readings will change to 80 kPa (800мбар, 600 mm R. T. article). the VAFC just blocks the value coming from the MAP sensor and gives their correction. If the correction is positive, the brain receives the command \"go to the mountain\" if the correction is negative, then the brain shows that as the load becomes smaller. For example, due to the fact that? the cylinder head D15Z6 installed on D14 to drain SFI ECU, injectors, pour very rich, the correction with this setup on 12 valves around — minus 25-28% air.

Example of the fuel table load

Example of the fuel table with the types of loads


inside the V-AFC APEXI

V-AFC consists of 2 circuit boards, one of which is a control Board and output developed by the Japanese company FUTABA, the second directly controls the sensor and the valve, and of course reading the data. The device is not difficult, the main emphasis on appearance and display, soldering of the contacts I did not like, though, and done safely.

the display Board APEXI VAFC

Board display, APEXI VAFC

Board display, APEXI VAFC, reverse side

Board display, APEXI VAFC, reverse side

the Head side of the V-AFC controller

the Head side V-AFC controller

Reverse side V-AFC controller

the Reverse side of the V-AFC controller


Connection APEXI V-AFC

a Total of 11 wires, the connection is:

  • Black and Brown — battery negative, the body or Ground on the chip;
  • the
  • Orange and Red — direct plus 12 of the battery, IG Power, what turns on from the ignition;
  • the
  • Green &mdash tachometer, IGR, is with the distributor;
  • the
  • of Gray — TPS, the signal from the position sensor of the throttle;
  • the
  • Blue — in the gap on the brain, the oil pressure switch (VTM, VTPS)
  • the
  • Pink — to break the signal wire on the VTEC solenoid VTEC;
  • the
  • Purple — in the break of signal wire VTEC to the ECU brain;
  • the
  • White — to break the signal wire on the MAP sensor pressure
  • the
  • Yellow — to break the signal wire on the MAP ECU brain;

I Tried to do perepolyusovka black red, VAFC is not out of order but best of all the work carried out with the disconnected terminal. If you have no signal VTPS (VTM) or input VTEC (purple) — just insulate the wire. Preferably all connections be made closer to the ECU. For VTEC you will need to traverse the single wire.

For SFI type P3Y-P3X-P76 — the +12-A13 GND A26 is an extreme wire chips 26 pins. The other wires on the chip 22 Pina — TPS - D6, MAP - D7, IGR(TAHO) - D15

For OBD1, type P28-P06 and so on. chip pins 26 — +12-A25 GND A26: VTECin - A4. Chip on pins 22 — TPS - D11, MAP-D17,VTM-D6, IGR (ICM )- A21

wiring Diagram for APEXI VAFC

wiring Diagram for APEXI VAFC


setup Apexi VAFC

Before you start the engine, you need to do first to initialize and configure some settings VAFC. Turn on the ignition, after starting the VAFC go to menu ETC. The selection is made the buttons, confirmation (ENTER) Button NEXT, exit (ESCAPE) press PREV. So ETC -> Initialize -> YES. So you will reset all settings. Next, ETC -> SENSOR TYPE -> In =6 & OuT =6 — this is an internal option for all Honda (good MAP and TPS are the same) figure 6 shows the type of sensors. of ETC -> Select Car -> Cyl =4 (4 cylinder), THR = picture-arrow. You can now start the engine, the setting can be made on the fly.

the PREV Button go to the main menu, the first building is MONITOR. there stitches 1channel, 2channel, 3channel, 4channel. This is purely monitoring sensors. You can for example look at pure pressure inlet, and can be viewed and correction

the Most interesting item is SETTING in the main menu.V/T Cont. Top stitching the rpm when VTEC is switched off if the revs fall to VTEC-E for example 3200. The bottom line if the revs are rising for VTEC-E for example 3000. Below 3000 RPM — the device is not coming down. for the type of VTEC D16Z6 it will be a 5500 and 5300 respectively.
Next, create speed points which will be corrected. the NE-P:Hvt - point the rpm at which VTEC is already included (High Cam), NE-P:Lvt - point the rpm at which VTEC is still off (Low Cam). Usually first move the VTEC point to 8000 range, and tune the Low Cam through every 500-1000 RPM. For example: 1000, 1500,2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000. In place of incorporating VTEC can be made more clear for example 5000-5300-5700-6500 crushing and so on. The second map High Cam should start from the point VTEC - 500 RPM (4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, etc.)

Wide Thr. — setting correction Low Cam and High Cam(via the NEXT button), when fully-open throttle (WOT &mdash WIDE OPEN THROTTLE)

Narr. Thr. — setting correction Low Cam and High Cam (via the NEXT button) when closed (<90%) throttle.You just need to choose the right card on the arrows to choose the speed points that you created earlier (for example 1000), and by adjusting up / down to adjust the correction of the air. Total you can adjust 8 points on the Low Cam. 8 points for High Cam. And then a matter of technique, an adequate driver and a competent Adjuster.



Above I said that we need a liter of oil. If before the VTEC valve is not opened, then the first opening of the VTEC system filled with oil and overall level will fall, so you need to pour about 500ml\n\nthe


Apexi Vafc even the oldest version is quite a handy tool for basic setup. For example Polivios Saxophonias reached the SFI 118 HP on the D14 cylinder head without VTEC. At a cost of 2000-3000rub (50-60 USD), you get a decent tool for tunniga. Upon execution the device is not complicated, the CPU 3 reads the data (TPS, MAP, TAHO). The output changes the voltage on the DAC MAP and power key enables disables VTEC, everything else is beauty and convenience. Good setup!\n\n

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