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This article shows a gap in the protection system Honda Civic 6 generation with the use of immobilizer (Immo), manufactured since 1995. The article must assistance to owners of Honda Civic help protect your car, or to move a step further on the path to tunniga brain ECU D Series Honda engines. The article focused on the engine D14A2, D14A3, D14A4, respectively, immobilizers installed in blocks of offices SFI — 37820-P3Y, 37820-P3X and 37820-P1J.

Regular location of the Board IMMO-A0

the Regular location of the Board IMMO-A0


Brute force

so kids, for some reason you have a question about \"how to bypass the immobilizer (immo English). in Honda Civic?\". It usually comes if the brain ecu P3X need to change to P3Y. Well look at the steps that you can take. Well, firstly in my experience, firmware P3X and P3Y are the same, and the only reason to change one brain to another is not a good or the transition from manual transmission to automatic transmission. So, most of what Honda has produced since 1995 has established 2 types of immobilizers. The first is found in all SFI (P2C,P3X,P3Y) mind except P76 in which Immo do not. It is also found in 37820-P5M . Its 10 pin Board, where it is usually spelled symbol IMMO-A0.A second immobilizer is a 12 pin Board, with the designation of HIC-FX01.

Two of the most common PCBs immobilizer in the Honda

the Two most common PCBs immobilizer to Honda

In fact, both boards perform the same tasks. Namely, the verification of the key code with what is recorded in the memory chip of the Board, and perform one of the functions. The lock system, the start-up of the fuel pump relay, overwriting the key. Also in through the card passes the test of \"integrity Board\". If your Honda is always on Check Engine, then there is an option that the immobilizer is broken. And now other than the error 0 nothing will be issued as a request for verification of a system


Replacement of SFI to another brain

If the donated bone marrow is suitable for tiles, the internal immobilizer immowill not start fuel pump relay, and on the dashboard would be burn green key. The easiest way is to wire the immobilizer your old brain to the new one. It will be the right decision, without getting an error CheckEngine.

If you take the brain Type ECU 37820-P06, 37820-P28, 37820-P30 I will tell you that the immobilizer in these blocks were not. In return connector immobilizer installed connector under the charge of the knock sensor (knocksensor). But if we consider OBD1 37820-P1J That there will be a used immobilizer. If the machine was originally equipped with immobilizer, then the replacement of brain SFI on OBD1 you wont be able make auto piscipula disc, but can have any appropriate key of any chip. More on that below.

a Regular black Honda key

Regular black Honda key


Anatomy protection, immobilizer: Decontamination

Take into account that the blade of the key fits the lock cylinder on the ignition. Next is checking the availability of the chip, the ring — the antenna receives the signal from the RFID chip in the key and sends to the block Imobilizer under the steering column. Chip does not have to be in the key, sometimes the chip from the key glued next, under the steering column as faux. This block reads is \"the presence\" of the chip, but not its contents. If there is an RFID chip that provides power to the starter. To bypass this protection, need to find 8 pin connector going to the immobilizer unit under the steering column, and connect the two outer pins. the A3 and A8, Black and blue (This method only works for IMMO-A0). So later you can turn on the ignition without a chip, but only after the next step.

the immobilizer unit under the steering column

the immobilizer unit under the steering column.

In a normal receiver the Immobiliser under the steering column that sends a coded signal to an immobilizer ECU in the brain. If the code is the same as the database, it returns the value on the fuel relay. By the way, after this testing is complete and key you can even get to the working engine (not to be repeated in the movement, can block the wheel!).
How to bypass this protection? The easiest way to break down the cost of the immobilizer method of excitation. But it is barbarism, so we go into the repair cell phones for a small price you will do a good disassembly. After removal of the Immobilizer-the engine will be able to work, but appears a new problem.

  • solid CheckEngine error 0
  • the
  • Lack of diagnostics, now in spite of everything there are only error 0

Now that you have removed the immobilizer from the Board of Honda Civic, the CheckEngine light is always on, someone will say that it can be unscrewed. But thats not true. Yes, and many are now working bortovoy computer, and with a simple \"of vilaiwan\" Immobilizer DataLog does not pass. Therefore, to address the issue of DataLog, just put a jumper on the 10 pin connector where previously there was a charge immobilizer — between 5 and 6 contact. Or solder two point jumper J2

Connect the 5 and 6 pin immobilizer, or J2 for health diagnostics.

Connect the 5 and 6 pin immobilizer, or J2 for health diagnostics.



Yes of course Check engine light does not go out, but you can read any error messages, change the brain OBD2a Or OBD2b and start the car without the chip in the key


Emulators immobilizer IMMO-A0 and HIC-FX01

Now on the market, EBAY Or AliExpress you can buy immobilizer emulator, set it to replace the Board. The developers are OZHONDA, Doctronic and Xenocron. In fact the microcontroller on the Board, when reading any key sends the correct code to activate the fuel pump relay. CheckEngine function will work in normal mode.

Emulators OzHonda DocTronic proposed, but not issued

Emulators proposed OzHonda DocTronic, but not manufactured

Emulator HIC-FX01 which you can buy on EBAY

the Emulator HIC-FX01 which you can buy on EBAY


On some Honda engines you can bypass the test chip

mainly In those where there is a module 04809-S04-G02 , but each equipment of different countries can carry its modernization

  • D14A3
  • the
  • D14A4
  • the
  • D15Z6
  • the
  • D16Y4
  • the
  • D16Y5
  • the
  • D16Y7
  • the
  • B18C6 ECU 37820-P73-G01 (type-r integra 98cpec)

Offer protection

Do your interrupts on alarm systems, injector, fuel relay and the starter. Stop to put the control unit alarm under the steering wheel or borachok. Of course the Honda Civic is not a priority for stealing, but it would be a shame if your Civic will make it so.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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