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Hi fighter. I hope you came here to learn the basics of the basics of soldering, twisting and all that you just have to learn and implement in life\nyour favorite Honda Civic. As an option this article will teach you just work with a soldering iron and terms. First you have the home will probably are\nold copper soldering iron type screwdriver shovel. The sort of thing you can only need when soldering wires. For soldering on the PCB will have \nfind soldering iron with a narrow tip with a capacity of 30-45 watts. No more need, less makes no sense. All the junk is better not to take tops on the market\nare companies ERSA and Solomon, but for our works, pocket, and quality will go domestic and soldering Svetozar. The main thing that it sting\nfastened with a bolt, usually in the same stand, which is very helpful in the work. Of course if youre soldering on the street or in the wind\nwill have to take a soldering iron or notebook, otherwise it is unlikely that work. Before beginning concrete work, suggest to solder wire model cube Is 5cm.\neasy 8 points adhesions.

a Good example of a master class in soldering

Im not going to bore you with tedious theory which is after the video below, just watch this video with commentaries here And better, review it several times.

  • Sponge for soldering iron to remove excess solder from the soldering tip
  • the
  • is Further demonstration of the flux and tinning of soldering iron
  • the
  • Clean the wires and not much twist each part
  • the
  • Twist the wire exactly on top of each other, the types of twists is below the article
  • the
  • Drip or smear flux soldering, soldering flux more easier!
  • the
  • Melt the solder on the iron tip and fine solder spreads movement on twisting
  • the
  • In the second method, the heated desired point spikes and it brought the solders
  • the
  • Use a sleeve or shrink tube for insulation
  • the
  • gray sleeve lighter, hair dryer, or soldering iron without touching the tip, and from all sides of the twisting


Solders — the metal or alloy used in soldering for joining workpieces and having a melting point below\nthan the joined metals. Is a kind of material type of glue for metal. Two pieces of metal wire can be connected to each other only\nmelt a drop of solder. The solder will melt faster if the temperature is sufficient and there is a flux. The most famous solder in \nour country is a POS-61, which stands for Solder Tin Lead with a share of the lead 61 percent in the composition.\nNow with the acceptance of the anti-lead of the natural laws, there was no lead soldering, the package youll find an inscription \nRoHC on a green background. This means that soldering of the lead there may be other components for example silver. POS-61 has a melting point of \n190 degrees Celsius, while the no lead solders have a melting point of over 300 degrees, and more expensive price.

View of the coils with solder flux

Types of coils of solder with flux


Flux — a substance or mixture of organic and inorganic origin intended for removal of oxides(impurities) with \nthe surface of the solder, reducing surface tension and improving spreading of the liquid solder and insulated from the environment.\nProvides better spreadability of the solder is in fused condition. Essentially removes all the dirt under the temperature at mixing with solder\ngives it a more fluid characteristic.

Flux in a syringe

the Flux in the syringe.

Types of twists

Proper stranding of the wires

Proper stranding of the wires.


the Main thing in isolation is to hide the exposed portions of the wires, and the hairs of wires from other wires or the earth (ground, chassis). Use end sleeves electrical tape. Try\nbrazing to sleeve dressed easily without chipping. Otherwise, over time, the notch can break. Do not use for a second time the duct tape\nits a bad tone, and the quality is low. Do not use the same tape. Tape, blue or black. All.

end sleeves — they shrink tube!

end sleeves — they are the same heat shrink tubing!


Every little bit self-respecting electrician needs to get a couple of soldering irons for fine work and higher output with stand. Pliers side cutters, they also must cope with the bites off \nmm legs of the resistors or wires. Penknife for the exposed wires, but rather a scalpel. Use solder with the flux, not thicker than 1mm,\nand a separate tube of flux. Buy heat shrink tubing at the auto shop and ask for duct tape and plastic clamps. If you are at the table\nfind the help of a third arm, it already has a magnifying glass. For convenience, take the braid with flux, for tap off.

a Third hand to help auto electrician Honda Civic

Third hand to help auto electrician Honda Civic

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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