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And how many money you got? If You read my articles or youre trying to enrich his inner world like Hondonada, or youre an average student with big turboflame in the future, or trying enriched himself at the expense of other peoples knowledge. Pont — the tuning is today quite expensive, many are willing to purchase a plastic kit than for the same money to get rid of the holes in the wings, repair engine or suspension, which likely runs on oil, not gasoline.

Favorite all Hondata S300, a great tool setup for $ 400

loved Hondata S300, a perfect adjustment tool for about $ 400


Choose what you like...

I want fingers to tell You a little secret of a large concentration of firms in the tuner, and those guys that sell the hardware for tuningowanych cramp. I — reservoir engineer, radio electronic devices, so I think, and can lead your further conversation about the emulator memory or Hondata Moates Ostrich , or many others. There is a perception that when you replace one iron in the engine in configuration required for fuel cards and maps the ignition. This is related to a monetary chain, you need a chipped brain (200$), broadband lambda probe (300$), emulator memory (200-400$), DataLog (1 to 30$). Plus the money for the tuning motor (100-500$), and each measured power (30-60$). the total 700-1000 for an increase of power of size 32KB. Few enthusiasts are willing to pay that kind of money. And the project closes.


Wash in cool clear water...

Restrain everything on the shelves. The first — all mass-produced cars have some interest in the stock setup, but have the exact same firmware. Brand all engines D14A2 released from the conveyor have the exact same firmware, and everyone knows what piston have \"approximately\" the same weight, the liners are \"approximately\" the same, the operating conditions can be \"roughly\" the same. Even if we consider that one engine will be used in winter and another in summer, or in different conditions of humidity. The firmware has a lot of columns and parameters that are very flexible for any changes . Be it the replacement of the fuel, change the spark plugs or 5 sacks of potatoes in the trunk. Its all — the change in load. And under each mode of loading is in the firmware of your parameters of the fuel injection, which try at every opportunity to pull out of the motor (and its load, power steering, air conditioning, box) the very poor 75 horses.


Cut thin slices...

Next, pure mathematics, pure physics of any fanatstva Honda. There is a ECM, its just a big Board on which is mounted a processor (microcontroller) M66207 . 16 bit 1 KB RAM, 32 KB of volatile memory, 64 feet management (40 of which input and output). Each statement is executed 400 nanoseconds at a frequency of 10 MHz. The shorter the time of execution of the instruction the faster the processor can perform its task. But the minimum time of instruction execution of the processor is a 400 .
There is also a memory of 32 KB, a permanent, non-volatile, it contains the program that the processor what kind of legs to pull, where to watch the voltage. The result is not simply the payment processor, specifically a device makes the engine work . the Memory inside the processor disposable , and can not be replaced. No editing. The OBD1 computers manufacturers some sort of magic the developers have left the ability to add external memory. You can get the 29C256 chip, produce soldering connector, and now the processor will not work with the internal memory and external. With the proper knowledge Assembler, firmware can be changed under control at least a refrigerator, even a house. Any four-cylinder Honda engine 1.3-1.8. The peak of insanity — put a P28 ECU on toy model Honda Civic. VTEC anyone?


Roast on an open fire...

External memory work at their own speed , the minimum time of 75 nanoseconds. There are models with 90 and 120 NS, they work great. Emulators memory Hondata, eCtune, Moates Ostrich, Neptune, Handover perform 2 functions. the First feature is 100% emulation of the same memory chip 29C256 (27C256) just as a buffer memory between brain and computer to modify data on the go, or while driving. Again, the emulator memory is the same chip, with function of editing memory in motion, at a speed of approximately 45 nanoseconds (stock vs 120 and vs 400 stock). Question? of How often will you tune in ? Will you tune in to each exit of the ring ? You can do it yourself, or you have a dyno?

Chip 29C256. It — you need firmware. Price: 1-5 $

the 29C256 Chip. It — you need firmware. Price: 1-5 $


Watch out for uniform cooking...

of the Second function is more enjoyable Crome works with the stock Honda algorithm. Hondata and eCtune has a slightly different algorithm. Somewhere that is clipped, which is what is added. Overall, this facelift Hondaboy firmware. No more. Well, there is a MAP sensor to poll every 100 milliseconds, and every 20. Well? its more fun when the revs very high, Im talking about the turbine.


to remove those from the fire and beautiful sasurvelia table...

The essence of the article is that most of the guys believes that to build and tune the engine, you need to buy and SHLZ, and the EMULATOR , in General, to spend 500-700$. But! the You just need to tune. Once, well and for all. Then pull the firmware from the emulator and put in the chip.
Take together with friends, and then sell, not the article still read the rent in the end. Understand the purchase of these emulators are a total Scam, I began to develop your device because I had no money, and need to build. And thoughts do not ring, and for a comfortable ride.


Add herbs and hot sauce...

I dont think that if you build your spec, and if it is assembled on the drain of the pistons, it will be something radically different from those that have been collected over the years. Find someone with the same spec, talk and buy from him the firmware already on the chip. Bought, tuned, throw on a chip and sell on! You want to be unique with Hondata or tear the 2.0 liter engines with a traffic light on your 1.3 EK2? And how many money you got? Installation of expensive equipment, need only 1 — comparable to buying a smokehouse wood, with which you will be obliged to walk every day.



Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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