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the VTEC, how many wonderful moments you give us... Maybe you already did swap on 3-Stage VTEC you may expect. If you did a complete swap with the box and the brain and the motor exactly one complete piece from one machine, then you can safely close this page.

3 steps in preparation of the 3 Stage VTEC system. 12 valves, 16 valves, 16 valves with increased duration

3 stages in the preparation of the 3 Stage VTEC system. 12 valves, 16 valves, 16 valves with increased duration


a hodgepodge under the hood

Most often, swap on 3-Stage occurs according to the scheme of purchase of the motor with cylinder head, then the wiring to the brain. The second option on the stock D15 Non-Vtec to buy more 3-Stage D15B (D15Z7) cylinder head and brain P2J. Thats where it all starts, and collected. Like even started with the tips on the jumpers, and the like even goes. As it turns out, no — not going. In article VTEC work on fingers, I said P2J ECU brains are different. P2J ECU is the brains of the only with the ability to control two solenoids VTEC. They were produced only for Mechanics (MT) and the Variator (CVT). Last produced marked 37820 P2J -J61-J62 -J63 -J81 and -J71.


explanation of the situation

After swap 3-Stage VTEC D15B engine Civic, at famous circuits remade the connectors on the new brain ECU P2J. Further, if the brain of variator (CVT), then put a jumper on startup. In mode P or N. All starts, everything goes, no CheckEngine. Certainly rides better than a regular D15 or the D14 is more than a simple. But! Regardless of what speed you drive and at what speed — the brain P2J ECU \"thinks\" that is in the neutral, and roughly goes to the next slide. And does not include VTEC. Such protection, why put in neutral on the increasing power of the VTEC system? And the brain does not include.
The car is automatic or the CVT has two modes, P(N) and d P(N), it is possible to turn the ignition and Idle. D you can go, to fly, and enable VTEC.Either P or D. The solution is simple, put a toggle or switch. In one position you will start (P - N) in another ride (D) both on normal and full D15B 3-Stage VTEC motor.

Toggle backlight for the inclusion of P and D for 3-Stage P2J

Toggle switch illuminated for the inclusion of P and D for 3-Stage P2J


For those who do not believe

Dont need foaming at the mouth to say what you have or znakomogo everything works without switches. Is there a diagram was checking, just assume Im right and re-read the article again. I do not know where went the idea with the jumper only on the P position but it goes for more than 10 years, the people shall rejoice. But it is from ignorance of the nature of the problem. Judge for yourself, or re-read the second paragraph of the article. Find VTEC 5500 clean car automatic transmission (D16Z6, D16Y8) you will see that VTEC does not turn on neutral, and in Drive the car wont start.
Do not check himself, I will not believe. Both VTEC solenoid signal wire is supplied with a voltage of 12 volts. Or search for little-powerful bulb for 12volt or assemble a led circuit with voltage divider to 5 volts (20 mA consumption). Any of these \"products test\" is connected in parallel, such as a bare wire VTEC signal around the brain. Ideally, connecting 2 light bulbs, light bulbs will burn in this mode: up to 4000 RPM no light is not lit, only work 4 intake and 8 exhaust valves. In the range from 4000 to 6000 RPM will only light one bulb, there are 8 intake and 8 exhaust valves. After 6000 RPM, light up both bulbs, working all 16 valves, but the intake valves \"promazyvaetsya\" more deeply, giving more time for intake of the mixture into the cylinder. On the second neutral light does not light up, however as with all the VTEC systems — the valve \"aggressive\" VTEC doesnt work on neutral. Below I have listed the voltage divider circuit to svetodiod, the sports fans light bulbs, you can install, for example 2 led on the dashboard.

connection diagram check the VTEC on the led, from 12V to 5V.

connection diagram check the VTEC on the led, from 12V to 5V.


OBD1 P28 3-Stage

Stock OBD2 ECU brain P2J has 3 pairs of cards ignition and fuel maps. And 2 power outputs for VTEC. OBD1 P28 his colleagues have 2 pairs of cards and only one output to VTEC. First I will say that to set without knowledge of the 3-Stage will be difficult. Secondly you will need to \"push\" two cards in one, better 12 valve (VTEC-E) and 16 Valves to install in one table, and VTEC 5500 installed separately. The mechanical brain through Crome Gold may connect the second VTEC using automatic box. But all this requires proper understanding of the problems and settings, plus you see for the machine this procedure is not possible. Or do I have to donate another way, like turning on the fan, air conditioner and so on.



I really hope that this article will be useful to those who planned the installation of the cylinder head 3Stage VTEC or do a swap on D15B (D15Z7) I hope that the article will spark debate, reflection, and adequate perception.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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