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Finally owners Honda Civic, produced after 1999 will receive more information about what you can and cannot do with engines series D14Zx. Start with the water, a series of D14Z also were in the back EJ9 manufactured from 1999 to 200 a year. On the same body, were wearing new front fenders, hood, and optics, was slightly modified engine, and unified brain under the system OBD2B (2A) . A second oxygen sensor to monitor the catalysts job, upgraded interior. In people, these cars are called — a restayl. For my part, I believe that real 6 Civic from a technical point of view is Restylane, it was something new, compared to 5 knee. Dorustilavat version is modified Civic 5 in a new body, a feeling that this version was quickly assembled of what was at hand, well, you know its like Windows Longhorn and Vista. In the end we got a brain SFI with a pairwise-injection, and in 1999 appeared divided normal PGMFI. But nevertheless, it EJ9 gained popularity for its future \"finalized\" brother, it has parts of different companies are in warehouses, EJ9 has acquired a mass. But in Russia the whole project club EJ9 Russia. Dampness on the technical side was not a problem for guys with the hands and head.


what is the difference of engines d14a3, d14z1, d14a4, d14z2

D14Z1 closer to the D14A3 and has 75 HP, D14Z2 closer to the D14A4 and has 90 HP. Between Z1\Z2 and A3\A4 identical . The differences relate to only the gaskets in the intake and fuel card firmware (read brain). Here is the data according to these parameters, I notice that the gaskets are the same and I was not wrong. By the way the brain P3X were both on SFI and OBD2 connector 2 SFI, 3-4 OBD2 connector on it. So you can safely buy diagnostic adapter of type ELM327.

  • D14Z1, 75 forces, gasket intake 16176-P3X-G02, brain 37820-P3X-G11 (OBD2)
  • the
  • D14Z2, 90 strength, gasket intake 16176-P2A-004, brain 37820-PHX-G11 (OBD2)
  • the
  • D14A3, 75 forces, gasket intake 16176-P3X-G01, brain 37820-P3X-G01 (SFI)
  • the
  • D14A4, 90 strength, gasket intake 16176-P2A-004, brain 37820-P3Y-G01 (SFI)

the Engines look closer

Exactly the same cylinder head casting P2A. Caps, valves, springs, rocker arms are the same in all 4 blocks. He block exactly the same P2A. By the word absolutely I say that, the seats, the size of, indexes the Part is the same. Changes were made on the knee piston. The connecting rods are the same PM1 as the liners and rings on all 4 blocks.
But the piston in D14A3 D14A4 have an index P3Y, and D14Z1 and D14Z2 PHX (they PHXG). The fingers are the same 19mm, the compression height of the piston is equal to 29.5, but if in the P3Y pistons total height from 49.55 mm, the pistons PHX (PHXG) total Height of 49.1 mm. the volume of the piston P3Y -5.4 cc, the new cc -2.4. Purely on the replacement piston with the same cylinder head and connecting rod improvements on the pistons give 0.5 to compression, P3Y: 9.2 — PHX 9.7

Piston PHX have a more flat and lower in volume bottom, is yoke valve

Piston PHX have a more flat and lower in volume bottom, is yoke valve

Piston D14Z1 PHXg 1999s lost a little weight

the Piston D14Z1 PHXg 1999s lost a little weight.

Piston PHXg and P3Y view from the bottom, note the thickness of the walls and fit the rod

Piston PHXg and P3Y view from the bottom, note the thickness and fit of rod.

the Crankshaft and pulleys miscellaneous Themselves, the seats are different. Catalog pulleys are the same, but the landing sleeve is different.
Generators AHGA25 the same, but the starters, was put why it is different. 75 strong A3 and Z1 were set DENSO GA0.8 (DENSO) and 90 were set strong Hitachi S114-566. Respectively 0.8 and 1 kW. Clutch and flywheels are the same.
The lambda probe in corestyle used one with one wire, in Resilovo version thanks to OBD2A (2B) there is one lambda 4 wired heated the exhaust manifold, and one oxygen sensor after the catalyst. The injectors are the same P2A, those 180-190 cc with the same connector.
Distributors Honda Civic dorectal was D4T94-04 HITACHI, had 7 contacts on the horizontal connector and did not have position sensors to the cylinder number. only the speed sensor shaft rotation, impulses of the engine and the sensor is top dead center. In Resilovo Honda Civic used complete distributor TD-73U, with a large connector on 9 pins, this dispenser was almost the entire line of cars Civic 1999 including D15Z7, a clone of the D15B 3-Stage, mount and connector is the same.

Evap it sometimes EGR two versions, left his \

he is sometimes Evap EGR two versions, left his \"regular\" view

The changes affected the EVAP sensor (also sometimes referred to as EGR) system evaporative emission — on all machines up to 98 years he looked like a small block to the left or rear of the intake manifold with a black cylinder on top. Most interesting is that he, in most cases, it is broken, as is not very strong, and disabling it did not happen any error. In restayl this sensor already has a weight, with good fittings and connector. Apply it became since 1999.
Interior and other parts Im not going to consider them and so not visible to the naked eye. This 2 Din compartment under the radio, and stove already with handles adjustment modes. in General, there was made a detailed study of all that has been revealed from 96 to 98.
The brains of the ECU, have the normal standard type connector OBD2A (OBD2B), whereby the replacement of the brain with the shift motor on the same 3-Stage D15B will not cause problems. If the owner of a Honda Civic 1999 will want to go to OBD1, he will only have to get ready, or to make yourself, adapter OBD2A-OBD1 (OBD2B to OBD1 jumper conversion harness 1999-00 Civic) in the price around$ 30. By the way, if you are the owner of dorectal, you can purchase on dismantling the motor wiring from restayl price is about 100-150$, and repeat the solution. Expensive, but fast and without dealing with wires 60, plus there is always the possibility to connect other brains.


And why did you change the index A3 Z1?

All this work on alteration of the engine D14A3 in Z1 is as a transition from Euro-2 (1995) to Euro-3 (1999). It is the engines meet the requirements of Euro-2 to be sertifitsirovanie as Euro-3, rework under izmeneniyu\nexhaust system, two oxygen sensors and engine management system in the form of OBD2. It is usually reduces the engine power output, will introduce this to compensate for the loss of power that create improvements such as increasing the compression ratio, which is clearly seen with D14Z1 and D14Z2.


What can I do?

Everything what is good for D14A3 and D14A4 suitable for D14Z1 and D14Z2. Want increase the power from 75 to 90 forces strip AZ $ 10, you want to replace the intake manifold. There is not any differences. The only thing that I will say that when switching to OBD1 second lambda will be possible to pull out and leave a spare, but if you got a cylinder head 3-STAGE P2J and brain know that of course you have a VTEC enabled will, but brains P2J calculated under the nozzle 240 with an engine capacity of 1.5. You have the 180 and 1.4. In a significant step, it is possible to use a Stroker kit D15 cylinder head D15B 3-STAGE VTEC, Horizontal intake with injectors, head P2J. The throttle can leave your. Of the piston by the way you have already not bad.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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