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To set the kilograms of iron under the hood of almost everyone. Now our Honda Civic you can find any exhaust system, turbo kits at a flea market, you can find the intake manifold. Large and expensive projects often provided the \"money\" Pompidou, what to say about those who do not play sports professionally. So how do you ensure proper setup   correctly Hondata! but... there is something more affordable — the Demon Moates Ostrich 2.0. the article describes the issue 2008-02-04

Kit Moates Ostrich 2.0, a good solution for tuning Honda

Kit Moates Ostrich 2.0, a good solution for tuning Honda


Demon Moates Ostrich

Now on the secondary market emulator memory can be purchased for 100-250 dollars, in Russia. If your ECU is the brain is already prepared (flashed( just install it the train instead of the 29C256 chip in the crib DIP-28. Moates Demon does not need additional supply, + 5 Volts is fed through the crib connector on the OBD1 ECU. The control of the emulators memory through the USB cable and the program Crome. eCtune, NepTune, SManager not supported of the device. Moates Demon allows you to program the fuel maps in real time.

Payment Moates Ostrich top view

Fee Moates Ostrich top view

Payment Moates Ostrich bottom view

Fee Moates Ostrich bottom view



As I wrote before in the article about reverse engineering such devices, the Moates Demon is built on FPGA XILINX XC9572Xl-VQG64 (AWN1029). The controller is ATmega8515-16AU. USB interface supported by the FTDI FT232RL chip. Buffer memory chip CYPRESS-45ZSXI CYPRESS company, with a speed of 45 nanoseconds. Again that work for enough 120нс, I use the chips 70 and 90 nanoseconds. 3 SN74LVC4245A 8 bit converters bus 3.3 v-5.0 v marking LJ245A (12KG4) Texas Instruments.HCT573 he 74HCT573, 8 razriadnyi latch. and quartz at 14.7 MHz. The rest of the elements is a binding food.


Switches Demon Ostrich

The Board has 2 switches, both responsible for the emulation of the chips. 28 or 32\28 and 32 or 28.\nleft — which is closer to the plume is responsible for a 24 or 28\32 feet, of course with the use OBD1 Honda you need to choose 28, so that the left switch should be off to the right position. The right is the mode switch 28 or 32 feet, again select 28 feet, by including in the left side. In the end, both positions have to look at each other.


Battery Moates Demon

To the memory of CYPRESS has not lost mortgaged firmware, such as when powering down the car. Uses a CR2032 already in a sealed enclosure. The device itself is not running purely on battery only feeds the memory chip. Over time, the battery becomes unusable and requires replacement, find an old motherboard and socket wipaire AKB-BIOS. Plus (+) is put up. With a bad battery the work ability of the emulator is not possible, an emulator often freezes and does not give the desired information. So I advise you to replace battery-CR2032 Tablet for a new one.

Connecting to the Ostich Moates OBD1 P28

the Connection to the Ostich Moates OBD1 P28


Materials on the Moates Ostrich, Demon 2

Driver FTDI CDM v2.10.00 WHQL Certified — the driver for the FTDI FT232RL, without transmission of information and commands will not.
Moates Firmware Updater and Firmware O2_209O.MFW — the latest firmware for the Moates Demon 2
MoatesTuning with CROME — full guide Moates to work and connect Ostrich to the computer and working with CROME. The Complete Guide to tuning Honda Vehicles with Cuis ROM Editor
Moates Ostrich Hulog and eCtune PRO — a complete guide for eCtune and Ostrich connected, to the computer and working with CROME and eCtune.
the Moates Hardware Protocols v19 — command log \"communication\" devices Moates with computers. Useful when razrabotke their programs.
Demon Ostrich Reset — software for information on devices Moates, specifies the latest firmware, the SERIAL ID, It will be 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, and VENDOR ID. To work with CROME (and more and will not work) You need to specify 0x00 (not 0x01) and select from lower list of Others Software (TunerPro,Crome,Neptune, etc). When choosing ECTUNE emulator memory CROME just does not see. Dont forget to press HARDWARE RESET to save.
EmUtility — software for direct memory access device with the Moates Demon.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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